Education & Outreach

CSO concert master, Nicole Makram shows a child how to play the violin

Nicole Makram shows a child how to play the violin

The Camellia Symphony Orchestra is dedicated to engaging and educating its community. Through free concerts, donated ticket program, Camellia Juniors, and classroom instruction, CSO is doing its part to bring classical music into the lives of all Sacramentans.

The following programs are part of the CSO Education and Outreach activities:

(For more information on these programs, please call the CSO office at (916) 929-6655.)

Free Family Concert Series and Instrument Petting Zoo

This community service is offered by the Camellia Symphony Orchestra to introduce families to the world of classical music in a fun and causal format. The afternoon begins with an “Instrument Petting Zoo,” followed by a one-hour family-style concert. Four concerts are offered each season at varying locations throughout the county. Please see the current schedule on this web site.

Camellia Juniors Orchestra & Camellia Cadets Orchestra

CJO was created for high school string students and CCO for middle school students who would like to play in an orchestra and either are not offered the opportunity at their school, or wish to expand their opportunities and experience.  The Juniors and Cadets play before each Season Concert and also offer their own concert performance at various times throughout the season. The Music Director and Conductor is Nina Vigil. Each student is provided instruction and guidance from Ms. Vigil who is a Camellia Symphony musician, CSO Board member and music teach in the Sacramento City Unified School district for 30 year.  Interested students are auditioned  in early September and rehearsal begin in October. CJO musicians may attend the CSO concerts for free.  For more information, please contact the office at (916) 929-6655.

Elementary Level Opportunities:

Music Lesson Plan and Workbook

Teachers and children may explore the world of a symphony orchestra through the K-3 and 4-6 Lesson Plans and Workbooks. The lesson plans are written for teachers with little or no music background. There are two lessons and the workbooks feature age appropriate activities as well as a 2-for-1 ticket coupon for the children. Feedback from participating teachers and students has been very positive.

(Click here for Lesson Plans and Workbooks)

Musical Suitcases

The “Musical Suitcases” may function as a stand alone learning tool or become part of the Lesson Plan and Work Book experience mentioned above. They feature age appropriate videos, musical instruments, books, a hand puppet and many other items for the children’s musical education and enjoyment.

Please call the CSO office for booking information: (916) 929-6655.

Musician Visiting Class Rooms

Again, this activity is suggested as part of the lesson plan and workbook experience, but it may stand alone as a fun and educational half-hour classroom instruction. A CSO musician will visit a classroom upon request and talk a little about their instrument, play a little music, talk about what music means to them and what its like to play in a symphony orchestra. Classes are also offered 2-for-1 tickets to the next concert.

Middle and High School Opportunities:


Ticket Donation Program

Each season, CSO selects several high schools to receive a donation of 100 tickets to season concerts. These tickets may be sold by the music departments to raise funds for needed supplies and equipment. The program has been very well received. It also has the added benefit of introducing a new audience to the music of the Camellia Symphony Orchestra.

For more information, please contact the CSO office at (916) 929-6655.